Design, Integration, Testing and Operations

NASA’s FY15 budget allows for the testing and development of technologies and platforms that will be crucial to NASA’s missions and help keep the U.S. aerospace industry competitive with other nations.

QinetiQ North America is the prime contractor for Kennedy Space Center’s most critical and expansive Engineering Services Contract (ESC). QNA’s ESC Team has the tools necessary to ensure that the space agency meets its goals for future human spaceflight, including development of the Space Launch System, and that they remain the leader in technology advancements to outcompete other nations in aerospace dominance. QNA’s skilled engineers, scientists and technicians provide engineering, design, integration, testing and operations solutions to NASA organizations engaged in the development of new technologies.

NASA also turns to QinetiQ North America to:

  • Help manage the Expendable Launch Vehicle Integrated Support (ELVIS) program
  • Support all aspects of the KSC Spaceport Command and Control System (SCCS) Project. This system consists of the Launch Control System (LCS) and the Kennedy Ground Control System (KGCS). It is designed to process NASA and commercial launch vehicles and spacecraft, in addition to operating associated ground support equipment
  • Help launch the Atlas, Delta, Pegasus, Taurus and Falcon rockets as part of NASA’s Launch Services Program (LSP)
  • Provide Goddard Spaceflight Center with fundamental and critical expertise in the execution of satellite environmental testing and integration

We invite you to speak with QinetiQ North America to learn more about their aerospace history and capabilities. Their experience and insight could complement future articles about NASA.

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