C-TALON Explores Surf Zones, Rivers and Harbors

C-TALONIn the mid-90s, QinetiQ North America, began developing an underwater crawling robot designed to operate within the harsh land-water interface of the surf zone. The program, funded through a Small Business Initiative Research grant from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, changed direction over time and eventually led to the development of the TALON® explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) family of robots used by militaries, law enforcement officers and first responders worldwide.

The present iteration of the underwater crawling robot, C-TALON™, couples TALON’s field-proven hardware and software with commercially available underwater sensors—a Teledyne BlueView Technologies Inc. (Seattle, Washington) multibeam imaging sonar, an Aquarian Audio Products (Anacortes, Washington) H1a hydrophone and low-light cameras. This combination enables the robot to gather data in shallow littoral waters where USVs, UUVs and traditional, land-only unmanned ground vehicles cannot operate.

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