Collecting Wave Data in Storms


QinetiQ North America's Micro Air-Launched Expendable Wave Buoy (MAXWB) is designed for short-term deployments in near-shore or deep-water environments. Deployable from any aircraft or boat, the MAXWB is designed to collect wave data in storms and hurricanes where conventional gauges may be difficult to deploy. MAXWB measures near real-time, non-directional wave data including significant wave … [Read more...]

Sea Scout Set for Payload Integration


QinetiQ North America is presenting its Sea Scout™ unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) as an anti-access asset, among others, according to a representative. Speaking to HIS Jane's, Jeff Corbin, director of business development for the company's maritime and transportation division, said that the US Department of Defense's intention to shift its focus to the Asia-Pacific region presented … [Read more...]

Unmanned Surface Vehicles Breaking Waves


Navies around the world are starting to recognize USVs as valuable operational tools, but the market is still emerging and industry is in the process of developing mature products that can offer advanced capabilities, reports Unmanned Vehicles. QinetiQ North America’s unmanned surface vehicle (USV), Blackfish™, provides a flexible and powerful solution for maritime force protection in … [Read more...]

Next-Generation Sensor for Unmanned Systems


As unmanned systems become more prevalent on the ground, air and sea, industry is continuing to advance the sensor technology that goes on them. Several new sensors made their debut at the Association of the United States Army’s Annual Meeting and Exhibition in Washington, D.C. QinetiQ North America showed off its Small-Multispectral Imager at the exhibition. The camera takes pictures using … [Read more...]

C-TALON Explores Surf Zones, Rivers and Harbors


In the mid-90s, QinetiQ North America, began developing an underwater crawling robot designed to operate within the harsh land-water interface of the surf zone. The program, funded through a Small Business Initiative Research grant from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, changed direction over time and eventually led to the development of the TALON® explosive ordnance disposal … [Read more...]