Supporting America’s Vital Infrastructure


The American Society of Civil Engineers' (ASCE) 2013 Report Card for America's Infrastructure doesn't paint a rosy picture. Energy received a D+ and our rail system received a C+. These are grades most people would not be happy to bring home. It's evident that technology exists today that will help our country's infrastructure rise above mediocrity and be there for those of us who depend on it … [Read more...]

Monitor Power Distribution Grids with LineWatch


Did you know that QinetiQ North America has developed electrical power distribution gird monitoring systems that provide utilities with highly accurate real time data on voltage, current, power factor and other key power line conditions? The LineWatch family of sensors can be used to montitor low (LineWatch L) and medium (LineWatch M) voltage systems.   Here’s how they … [Read more...]

Improving Performance with Smart Sensor Systems


Powerline sensors strategically placed on the distribution grid will be essential to realizing the benefits of a smart grid infrastructure. QinetiQ North America has developed medium (4kV-36kV) and low voltage (120-600V) Smart Grid Powerline Sensors. These sensors measure voltage, current, power factor and other variables to help monitor power line conditions and performance. Sensing and … [Read more...]

Powerline Sensors for Smart Grid

Powerline Sensor

Engineers in the Maritime and Transportation team have designed a powerline sensor. Earlier this year, the team held a celebration for shipping the first round of powerline sensors to a major utility customer for lab and field testing. Powerline sensors reduce installation risk, they’re smaller than larger transformer measuring methods and they can be deployed without disconnecting the power … [Read more...]