Field Installable Appliqué Armor System


Did you know that QinetiQ North America is the largest producer of add-on aircraft armor in the world? Supplying warfighters with protection while in the field is critical. But what might be even more important is providing that protection in the quickest, easiest format possible without sacrificing performance. LAST® tactical vehicle armor kits can be sent forward to deployed vehicles and the … [Read more...]

QinetiQ North America Expands Q-Net Installation on U.S. Army Vehicles


QinetiQ North America's (QNA) Q-Net™ Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) defeat system has been selected to protect hundreds of U.S. Army Oshkosh M-ATV vehicles through an $18.3M contract. Under this contract, QNA will update RPG protection on the U.S. Army’s newly purchased military vehicles with a modernized version of the original M-ATV protection kit that QNA manufactured and delivered from … [Read more...]

The Leader in Gunfire Detection


The threat of incoming fire for our warfighters and first responders is an ongoing issue in current conflicts. SWATS®(Shoulder-Worn Acoustic Targeting System) is a wearable gunshot detection system developed by QinetiQ North America that alerts troops to the direction and distance of snipers and other types of gunfire. So how does it work? SWATS uses an array of microphones and motion … [Read more...]

Integrated Warfighter System (IWS): Providing Command and Control, Situational Awareness and Lethality


As individual warfighters become more network-centric, they need enhanced situational awareness and extended mission endurance in the tactical environment. Soldier modernization solutions need to integrate seamlessly with their existing kit and minimize the added size, weight and power required to accomplish their mission. The Integrated Warrior System™ (IWS) developed by QinetiQ North … [Read more...]

Introducing TASK; The smallest man-portable, atmospheric sounding system available!


Small, man-portable, tactical systems enable deployed forces to receive real-time weather and atmospheric data to support a variety of operations, such as precision airdrops, air cavalry missions, airborne insertion and artillery support. The TASK™ Tactical Atmospheric Sounding Kit by QinetiQ North America weighs less than five pounds and it’s the smallest man-portable, atmospheric sounding … [Read more...]