Collecting Wave Data in Storms


QinetiQ North America's Micro Air-Launched Expendable Wave Buoy (MAXWB) is designed for short-term deployments in near-shore or deep-water environments. Deployable from any aircraft or boat, the MAXWB is designed to collect wave data in storms and hurricanes where conventional gauges may be difficult to deploy. MAXWB measures near real-time, non-directional wave data including significant wave … [Read more...]

Gunshot Detection for Perimeter Protection

Ears FSS

QinetiQ North America has created the Ears® family of gunshot localization systems to give warfighters the ability to respond instantly and accurately to hostile attacks and better protect themselves from hidden gunfire. The Ears system detects and pinpoints hostile gunfire in a fraction of a second and audibly reports the range and bearing of the shooter’s position so the warfighter can … [Read more...]

Armored Bag Captures Bomb Fragments

Frag Bag

QinetiQ North America manufactures a low-cost, highly deployable bomb containment system called “Frag Bag.” Developed in the late 1990s by QinetiQ North America, researchers at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and members of the New Mexico State Police, Frag Bag is designed to contain fragments and mitigate the blast overpressure from a typical 2 inch diameter, 8 inch long pipe bomb charged … [Read more...]

Light Armor Getting Heavy Attention


Lightweight and efficient, the Q-Net™ design patented by QinetiQ North America consists of a net with embedded metal nodes supported on a lightweight frame that envelops the outside of the vehicle. The system defeats RPG threats by preventing detonation, with the nodes disrupting the warhead fuse. It can provide multi-hit protection from all angles, including overhead. Q-Net has been … [Read more...]

Enhancing Human Safety


QinetiQ North America develops technology-based products to improve survivability and enhance personal safety in dangerous situations. Our family of solutions is designed for military missions and tailored to each application for reliable performance. From unique add-on armor to sensors that provide real-time situational awareness, our products make a difference to the people who put themselves in … [Read more...]