Turning a Bobcat into a Robot


Spartacus is a family of remotely operated Bobcat® skid steer, diesel-powered loaders. Using the QinetiQ North America(QNA) RAK system, they can be transformed into an optionally unmanned ground vehicle in less than 15 minutes. Spartacus is capable of using most of the 80 Bobcat attachments, dependent upon the size of the loader. Using either QNA’s wearable Tactical Robotic Controller™ … [Read more...]

TALON Robot Selected by Pakistan

TALON with bomb

QinetiQ North America today announced that its TALON® military robots will provide explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) mission support to Pakistan’s military forces. The latest $7.8M order was facilitated by the U.S. Navy and follows previous orders from Pakistan for EOD robots. TALON robots are among the most widely deployed military robots in the world, with thousands of robots in service in … [Read more...]

The Common Controller


The use of robotics in military applications has grown exponentially over the last decade. The unmanned systems used can range from micro-unmanned ground vehicles, like QinetiQ North America's Dragon Runner™ 10; to the robust, mid-size variety like the company's most famous robot, the TALON®; to the large autonomous mule, Raider II -- just to name of few. While each system can be … [Read more...]

Inside Story of TALON’s Support during Boston Bombing

Photo courtesy of wired.com

The "Boston Bombing" marked a tragic day in America. And according to Wired, was "the worst day in the life of the Boston bomb squad". But one thing that is clear, QinetiQ North America's TALON robot, was and remains the trusted friend of first responders. Check out this exclusive inside story of the Boston Bomb Squad's defining day from Wired, and read about the role the TALON played in the … [Read more...]

TALON Robot Deployed in 30 Countries


Since its introduction more than a decade ago, QinetiQ North America’s TALON® family of robots has earned a worldwide reputation for durability, flexibility, modularity and performance. TALON is in its fourth generation of upgrades, maintaining ever-advancing capabilities for military forces, fire departments, police bomb squads, combat engineers and an expanding portfolio of customers; and … [Read more...]