Field Installable Appliqué Armor System

Did you know that QinetiQ North America is the largest producer of add-on aircraft armor in the world?

Supplying warfighters with protection while in the field is critical. But what might be even more important is providing that protection in the quickest, easiest format possible without sacrificing performance. LAST® tactical vehicle armor kits can be sent forward to deployed vehicles and the simple installation can be performed by the crew themselves, without any cutting, welding or drilling on the base vehicle. It is designed to be easily added to tactical vehicles and aircrafts.

The basic system upgrades protection levels from typical 7.62 mm ball to 0.50 Cal./12.7 mm and 14.5 mm API as well as offers protection from conventional overhead threats such as 155 mm/152 mm fragmenting artillery air bursts and mortar fire. LAST Spall Liners are designed to be used to supplement Tactical Vehicle Armor kits for increased protection against fragments.

  • Easily installed/removed by soldiers without tools, eliminating the need to re-conduct expensive qualification testing and accelerating delivery schedules
  • Modular, removable and lightweight — half the weight of metallic armor
  • Can be installed as a retrofit to an existing vehicle platform or installed in the production cycle, reducing manufacturing time at least fourfold
  • Complements previously installed armor and is responsive to changing threats
  • Field proven

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