Improving Performance with Smart Sensor Systems

Powerline sensors strategically placed on the distribution grid will be essential to realizing the benefits of a smart grid infrastructure. QinetiQ North America has developed medium (4kV-36kV) and low voltage (120-600V) Smart Grid Powerline Sensors. These sensors measure voltage, current, power factor and other variables to help monitor power line conditions and performance. Sensing and monitoring systems strategically placed along the grid provide real-time access to actionable information.

Some applications for powerline sensors include:

  • Theft Detection: utilities around the world are losing millions of dollars in revenue due to the theft of power from the grid
  • Asset Management: average age of utility infrastructure is 44 years old
  • Monitoring and Permitting: for deployment of renewable generation
  • Volt/VAR Regulation: better situational awareness to manage the grid more efficiently

Utility benefits include cost savings through grid optimization and automation. Accurate, timely, actionable data is needed for:

  • Distribution planning
  • Deferral of capital expenditure by managing existing assets more efficiently
  • Data for management and monitoring of renewable generation sources, such as plug-in vehicles
  • Data decisions to transfer power from overloaded feeders
  • Data enhanced voltage regulation
  • Quicker fault detection and remediation

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