Next-Generation Sensor for Unmanned Systems

sMSIAs unmanned systems become more prevalent on the ground, air and sea, industry is continuing to advance the sensor technology that goes on them. Several new sensors made their debut at the Association of the United States Army’s Annual Meeting and Exhibition in Washington, D.C.

QinetiQ North America showed off its Small-Multispectral Imager at the exhibition. The camera takes pictures using three different spectral filters and uses an algorithm in real time to make a composite shot, giving each item in the image a distinctive color based on its spectral signature. By differentiating colors, it can accentuate out of place items — for example — a tripwire in a bush.

“The algorithm is working real time to discover what’s different in the image and then creating as much contrast between that and the background, so then it’s very easy to [see something],” said Kevin Baker, a software engineer for Advanced Technology R&D at QinetiQ. “It’s an on-the-fly adaptive algorithm.”

The camera can be mounted on an unmanned air or ground system to detect anomalies.

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