Power Generation at Edge of the Battlefield

Q-GenLeveraging more than 70 years of highly specialized experience in command systems, controls, sensor suites, situational awareness and power management applications, QinetiQ North America’s Maritime and Transportation team pioneers technologies and products that provide critical situational awareness, improve safety and security, and deliver the information necessary to make informed decisions in any environment. One growing concern among our military customers is power management, particularly assuring the ready availability of electrical power at the tactical edge of the battlefield.

The military is a major energy consumer, consuming 932 trillion Btu of energy at a cost of ~$13.3B in 2009 and the demand for power on the battlefield has increased exponentially as new, advanced technologies have been made available to the warfighter. Nearly all warfighter resources, such as cell phones, computers, communications systems, surveillance equipment, weapon systems and low level lighting in base camps, require some form of electric power to operate. As a result, there is a growing need for a readily available source of energy to power the equipment essential to the successful execution of critical warfighter missions under combat conditions. On demand access to electrical power is a major logistical challenge that may adversely affect operations.

One of the ways that QinetiQ North America is working to help solve this unique energy challenge is by providing practical power solutions for the warfighter. For example, Q-Gen is a lightweight power solution that can be easily transported by a single warfighter. Capable of operating on JP-8 fuel, Q-Gen can generate up to 1kW of readily available power and can be connected in parallel to other Q-Gen units to provide scalable energy solutions.

With the growing concern for efficient power generation and management on the battlefield, right-sized power solutions are becoming more and more important. Our experts continue to develop new and improved practical solutions to respond to this newly emerging and rapidly increasing demand. Q-Gen is just the beginning.

Read the Q-Gen data sheet to learn more.

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