Q-Gen 2.0 is the Latest One-Man Portable Generator

Q-Gen 2.0Q-Gen 2.0 is the latest version of QinetiQ North America’s 1kW, JP-8 compatible, one-man portable generator. Q-Gen 2.0 has been proven to start reliably and run on JP-8 and other heavy fuels in the operational conditions and ambient environments typical of modern battlefields.

Rugged and ready today for battlefield use, Q-Gen 2.0 offers a competitive advantage over other generators in that it starts and operates on the most common battlefield fuel, and it does not depend on accelerants or specialty fuels. Q-Gen 2.0 also automatically adjusts air flow and engine operating temperature in response to fluctuations in the environment or applied load. In addition, Q-Gen 2.0 features significantly improved batteries and a more efficient intake manifold vaporizer for superior performance.

“The growing need for mobile power solutions is a key challenge for the military today,” said QNA Technology Solutions Group President J.D. Crouch. “Q-Gen 2.0 is a versatile power management system that can support the mission needs of any military team requiring on-demand expeditionary power, anywhere in the world.”

Q-Gen 2.0 is a lightweight power solution that is easily transported by a single warfighter to support military missions in remote, hostile or austere environments. Operating on JP-8 fuel, Q-Gen 2.0 delivers 900W of continuous power for over three hours on a single tank of fuel, and can be combined with other Q-Gen units to provide additional, scalable power according to mission requirements.

Read the full Q-Gen 2.0 press release.

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