QinetiQ North America Expands Q-Net Installation on U.S. Army Vehicles

QinetiQ North America’s (QNA) Q-Net™ Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) defeat system has been selected to protect hundreds of U.S. Army Oshkosh M-ATV vehicles through an $18.3M contract.

Under this contract, QNA will update RPG protection on the U.S. Army’s newly purchased military vehicles with a modernized version of the original M-ATV protection kit that QNA manufactured and delivered from 2009-2011 for over 7,500 vehicles.

The Q-Net RPG defeat system has been widely deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past few years. This ultra-light weight, affordable and highly effective system has the ability to withstand multiple hits and is easily adaptable to a variety of platforms. Vehicles protected by Q-Net can operate as designed without the burden of excessive weight, which contributes to higher roll-over risk, wear and tear on operating systems and excessive fuel consumption. Q-Net easily installs in the field for rapid deployment anywhere in the world.

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