Introducing TASK; The smallest man-portable, atmospheric sounding system available!

Small, man-portable, tactical systems enable deployed forces to receive real-time weather and atmospheric data to support a variety of operations, such as precision airdrops, air cavalry missions, airborne insertion and artillery support.

The TASK™ Tactical Atmospheric Sounding Kit by QinetiQ North America weighs less than five pounds and it’s the smallest man-portable, atmospheric sounding system available today. It measures and collects wind speed, wind direction, pressure, temperature and humidity in real-time. Atmospheric data are collected from the TASK radiosonde while it ascends through the air column on a small weather balloon, to altitudes greater than 40,000 feet.

This data can also be imported into standard weather forecasting software to produce tactical weather reports for mission planning and modeling. The data is also fully compatible with QinetiQ North America’s PADS® Precision Airdrop System /Joint Precision Airdrop System (JPADS), allowing units requesting supplies to send highly localized and current atmospheric data to an incoming aircraft.

Data can be used to calculate High Altitude-Low Opening (HALO)/High Altitude-High Opening (HAHO) release points or Container Delivery System bundle drops during precision airdrop operations. The TASK system enables forward deployed units to report real-time atmospheric conditions either by voice or net-centric data transmission to any users who need the information.

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