The Leader in Gunfire Detection

Ears SWATSThe threat of incoming fire for our warfighters and first responders is an ongoing issue in current conflicts. SWATS®(Shoulder-Worn Acoustic Targeting System) is a wearable gunshot detection system developed by QinetiQ North America that alerts troops to the direction and distance of snipers and other types of gunfire.

So how does it work?
SWATS uses an array of microphones and motion sensors, along with sophisticated algorithms developed by QinetiQ North America, to instantly detect incoming fire and determine the location of the hostile shooter.

SWATS alerts the user to the threat using a voice announcement (“3 o’clock, 400 meters”), as well as a graphical threat display. The system also allows troops to quickly shift from a defensive to an offensive posture when they come under fire.

Designed for intuitive, easy use, SWATS features a pocket-sized, waterproof Quick Reference Guide and can be used with minimal training. SWATS features built-in GPS location and timing, and provides the user with on-demand visual and audible updates on a threat’s distance and location, even as the user moves to engage the threat. SWATS also provides users with geo-referenced positions of known threats to allow friendly forces to coordinate operations. Weighing less than 450 grams, SWATS can operate for 14 hours on two CR123 batteries.

SWATS is part of the EARS® family of gunfire detection systems that can be body-worn, vehicle mounted, or operated from a fixed site. All three variants are all built around the core EARS sensor, which is a small, lightweight, low power, self-contained gunshot detection system.

What are the benefits?
With its ability to immediately detect and provide the location and distance of incoming gunfire, SWATS provides warfighters with critical security support and situational awareness during operations. The technology allows troops to react to threats with speed and precision by quickly turning the tables on the enemy, greatly reducing the potential for casualties.

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