Integrated Warfighter System (IWS): Providing Command and Control, Situational Awareness and Lethality

As individual warfighters become more network-centric, they need enhanced situational awareness and extended mission endurance in the tactical environment. Soldier modernization solutions need to integrate seamlessly with their existing kit and minimize the added size, weight and power required to accomplish their mission.

The Integrated Warrior Systemâ„¢ (IWS) developed by QinetiQ North America provides these capabilities through a wearable, plug and play SA, communications and power management platform that can be integrated with any existing, emerging or future personal protective ensemble.

IWS improves situational awareness and lethality by enabling warfighters to quickly receive and send information to unit members in dynamic battlefield situations. The system can be integrated with many types of peripherals to meet specific mission requirements.

Wearing the IWS vest, the warfighter can select any combination of host device (Android or PC) and peripherals to connect to the central power/data management hub in a true plug and play fashion. Once connected, host and peripheral devices are powered or charged from the central battery.

The IWS ensemble consists of the following modular components:

  • Power and data management hub, available in 4 port or 7 port variants
  • Wearable tactical computer available as either Android or Windows (PC) platform
  • Electromechanical adapters to enable compatibility with any legacy equipment (tactical radios, ISR receivers, etc.) that needs to connect into the system
  • Flat, flexible, universal cable and connector system to ergonomically and ruggedly interconnect devices on the warfighter ensemble
  • Customized enclosures for enhanced environmental protection (IP-67) of commercial smartphones and tablets
  • Innovative, next-generation tactical accessories including adapter panels for existing body armor vest, device rigging and pouches

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