Unmanned Surface Vehicles Breaking Waves

Navies around the world are starting to recognize USVs as valuable operational tools, but the market is still emerging and industry is in the process of developing mature products that can offer advanced capabilities, reports Unmanned Vehicles.

QinetiQ North America’s unmanned surface vehicle (USV), Blackfish™, provides a flexible and powerful solution for maritime force protection in ports and harbors. With a top speed of over 40 kt, Blackfish gets eyes on target fast while keeping the operator a safe distance from threats. With Blackfish on scene, the optional 2-dimensional high-resolution sonar and integrated pan-tilt unit allows authorities to locate, classify, and pursue underwater diver and swimmer threats.

Read more information on Blackfish, or watch the video below.


  1. Tony says:

    The autonomy is not the reason why the USV is still emerging – and actually the technology is more mature than the market demand.

    For more info on USV market forces: UMS-report.com

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